Warhammer 40k Grey Knight

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Prompt:  Create an image of a Grey Knight from the world of Warhammer 40,000, standing heroically amidst the ruins of a battlefield. The knight is clad in ornate grey armor, embellished with intricate details and symbols of his chapter. He wields a mighty Nemesis Force Sword in one hand, crackling with psychic energy, and a Storm Bolter in the other, ready to unleash a hail of bolter rounds upon any foes that dare to challenge him. His face is hidden behind a skull-faced helmet, adding to his menacing appearance. Behind him, the smoke and flames of battle rise up, while in the distance, more enemy forces can be seen approaching. The overall style should be reminiscent of Games Workshop's iconic artwork, with bold lines, vivid colors, and a dynamic, action-packed composition.   Try it
Started from image:
Nate Hoogeboom

I tried making a grey knight from Warhammer 40k and all things considered I got sort of close. The stance is the same and the armor looks closer not right though


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