"Passage Into Infinity" version 3A

#abstract #art #artcreatedfrommyphotos #corridor #digital #passageway #photomanipulation #purple

C.J. ProArtz

My base image is of arches and a corridor on which I removed the background and added multiple copies of the original photo to make it look like a never-ending passageway. The photo was taken at Elmira College while attending a conference there, so I used the school colors, gold and purple.
The style image is a photo of my hand-nade fiber-art piece, created with off-white crocheted pieces and stitchery on an unprimed canvas, which I later dyed in shades of blue (not visible here because I preserved the base image's colors.)

Unless otherwise noted, all of the images I have made public are created from my own photography and/or digital or hand-made art.


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