Prompt:  High above a serene, cloud-filled sky, Celestia, a celestial guardian, soared gracefully on iridescent wings that shimmered like gossamer in the sunlight. Her body was composed of a soft, radiant energy, constantly shifting and flowing like the colors of the Aurora Borealis. A delicate network of golden, sparkling filigree adorned her form, tracing intricate patterns that seemed to hold the secrets of the cosmos. Her slender, elegant limbs extended into fine, tapered fingers and toes, their touch gentle and weightless, like a whisper on the wind. Celestia's torso contained a harmonious, glowing orb of light, pulsating in sync with the celestial bodies, symbolizing her eternal connection to the cosmos. Her face was a vision of serene beauty, with eyes that held the depth of the universe, reflecting her wisdom and compassion. As Celestia moved, she navigated the skies with a graceful, fluid motion that seemed to defy the very laws of physics, her presence inspiring wonder and awe in all who beheld her. She was a beacon of light and hope, a living embodiment of the harmony and balance that governed the celestial sphere.   Try it


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