Morning in the Temple.

#ambient #colouseon #helling #lighting #reflect #space #sunlight

Prompt:  mild mist, in style of Logan Cure, beautiful Scarlett Witch girl hyper detailed white dress wet skin and long hair orange ochre puddles of water surface on ground reflecting scenery, ultra detailed cave cathedral interior, abandoned, vines, trees, grass overtaking interior, epic light, whimiscal, tim burton city background, vintage photo of ribbed abandoned wreck interior of a massive giant alien spaceship crashed on an exoplanet, in the wastelands, dark tint, washed colors, baroque painting, standing in a desolate empty wasteland, still from alien movie, creepy, nightmare, dream-like heavy atmosphere, surreal abandoned buildings, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render, volumetric light, cinematic lighting, cinematic composition, render in unreal engine 5, 8k render, rule of the third, dark epic scene, ar--1:1 human fashion editorial   Try it
8 Kwang lee

I tried to express the morning in the temple. I hope you enjoy it.


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