The Cuty Family ( story below)

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  group of friendly cute funny creatures, Waterc Artwork By Leonora Carrington & Didier Laurence & Naoto Hattori & Nicoletta Ceccoli & Jean-Baptiste Monge & Bernard Frize & Gunta Stölzl. ∞,   Try it
highly detailed digital painting elegant fantasy intricate cinematic lighting crisp quality Jean Baptiste Monge monge @pimpam
Pim Pam Miro Keito

The Cuty family, oh so wee,
With eyes so big, it's hard to see,
Their tiny bodies, like little birds,
And coats of blue and green, in gentle curves.

They scurry 'round and make us laugh,
With antics silly, like a giraffe,
Their voices high-pitched, and quite sweet,
A tiny chorus, so neat!

They may be small, but they are brave,
With hearts so big, they'll take on waves,
Of challenges and fun, with glee,
Oh, the Cuty family, so lovely!

oriignal dream by Misme


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