Labradorite Stone Wine Bowls

#adorable #beautiful #perfect

Prompt:  Labradorite stone teacups with labradorescence effect, iridescent flashes of blue and green, in the style of intricate fantasy art. The image should be highly detailed, ornate, and elegant, drawing inspiration from Cedric Peyranavernay's award-winning work on CGSociety. Use photorealistic rendering techniques, and a high-resolution aspect ratio of 16:9 to showcase the beauty and whimsy of this unique design. Add elements of magic and mystique to the prompt to create a sense of wonderment, and explore how the teacups could fit into a fantastical world. –testp –upbeta –ar 16:9   Try it
bokeh Nikon D850 highly detailed sharp focus elegant dof extremely detailed Award winning photography fantasy bright studio setting intricate 8k oil on canvas cinematic lighting photorealistic very attractive beautiful dynamic lighting poster imperial colors fantastic view hyperrealistic ultra detailed 4K 3D crisp quality Unreal Engine colourful very cute cinematic postprocessing pixar acrylic art Alphonse Mucha focused Leonid Afremov Ultra realistic Giuseppe Arcimboldo John James Audubon Alex Alemany Alexander Archipenko


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