Prompt:  An exploded city street alley enchanted with glowing light magic, the experiment ordered the chaotic landscape by accident, great power burst, lost control, the last attempt, short night moment, everything breaks into small pieces, end of all things, bokeh effect, timeless eternity, subtle cold colors, Depicted in an Eerie oppressive oil painting by Greg Rutkowski, James Earley, Mark Metcalfe, Darek Zabrocki, Gilles Beloeil, Neil Blevins, Anne Stokes, surrealist style, fine art, fine brush strokes, detail oriented, over detail, scary, oppressive, a masterpiece, old work of art, oil on canvas, perfect composition, Art of Illusion 3D shading, hyperdetailed, ZBrush, cel-shaded, golden ratio   Try it
highly detailed sharp focus extremely detailed oil on canvas photorealistic high detail poster wallpaper award winning fantastic view hyperrealistic ultra detailed high definition crisp quality Jacek Yerka Thomas Kinkade Alphonse Mucha Ultra realistic Zdzisław Beksiński masterpiece


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