Model: Stable (v2)*
Prompt:  Surreal, dreamlike painting. The interior of the huge hall of the ancient art museum with walls covered with paintings of various sizes. The art paintings depict surreal vivid motifs of dreams, the alien world, the cosmos, visionary art, as well as underwater motifs. A few visitors stand mesmerized in front of the paintings that draw them in like optical illusions. The walls that are not covered with paintings are in the form of zentangle mandalas. Ceiling is vivid vibrant galaxy with burning comets and colourful planets. Intricate, detailed, extremely-detailed line-art. Try
elegant extremely detailed intricate vibrant masterpiece beautiful RHADS Van Gogh quilling surreal line art SALVADOR DALI magical Victor Vasarely Dan Mumford Hypnotic Android Jones visionary art elaborate Michael Cheval Thomas Wells Schaller Alex Alemany shades of blue spectacular Zentangle Style extremely detailed background nebula, colourful galaxy vortex
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