Model: Photonic
Prompt:  Surreal underwater ancient city with greek pillars, swirling breathtaking surreal turquoise translucent waterscape. Gorgeous mermaids and mermen swimming happily. 2 Point perspective. Dali, Yerka, Burton, Kopera, Rutkowski. Mysterious, intricate motifs, perfect composition, masterpiece insanely-detailed ultra-detailed extreme-detailed hyper-detailed beautiful, graffiti art, splash art, street art, spray paint, oil gouache melting, acrylic, high contrast, colourful polychromatic, ultra detailed, ultra quality, CGSociety. Turquoise and white coloration. Translucent swirling waterscape. Try
elegant extremely detailed intricate vibrant masterpiece beautiful RHADS quilling surreal line art SALVADOR DALI magical Victor Vasarely Dan Mumford Hypnotic elaborate Michael Cheval Thomas Wells Schaller Alex Alemany Swirling spectacular © Crystaldelic extremely detailed background
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