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More about Peace

Dream disclaimer:
"This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone's dreams from DDG is purely coincidental." :D
My dream ideas are born by themselves at any time of the night or day. I like to write prompts myself, I'm not a fan of generic prompts, although they often give good results, in the AI ​​vision filter.
But I like to dream and experiment.
I like to use my imagination, and sometimes I combine the incompatible, to see the result. Like in real life. Therein lies the fun.
I've always loved writing, and painting, but unfortunately AI still doesn't have the ability to generate it all in a dream. Therefore, our writings must be clear, precise and concise.
Of course I get inspiration from the works and styles of famous artists, without them we certainly wouldn't be here doing this. Thank them for that.
If, however rarely, I get inspiration from one of our dreamers, I have to mention it in my dream description.
Sometimes it happens that I create a dream and don't publish it right away. And then in the next two days I see someone else's dream on a similar topic, but written in their own style. And that's normal. So many dreamers, someone must have similar ideas.

*Imagination is the eye of the soul.*
Joseph Joubert

*Keep dreaming.*


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