#cosmic #explorer #stars #surreal

Prompt:  Starstruck woman exploring the outer rim, A paradise beyond the sun, futuristic polished style, multi-point perspective, amazing scale, Unbelievable watercolor speedpaint by Alphonse Mucha, by Filipe Pagliuso, by Alexander Jansson and Johnson Tsang, speedpaint, paint drips, strokes, dripping, by Android Jones, hyperdetailed, decent colors, impasto hypertextured, dripping paint strokes, perfect composition, Art of Illusion 3D shading, hyperdetailed, ZBrush, cel-shaded, golden ratio   Try it
sharp focus elegant dof ultra reallistic cinematic lighting portrait very attractive beautiful dynamic lighting poster award winning fantastic view hyperrealistic high definition crisp quality matte background cinematic postprocessing acrylic art focused Carrie Ann Baade
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