Mystical Queen

#ethereal #goddess #mystical #silver

Prompt:  Ultra realistic illustration, a stunningly beautiful portrait of a silver mystical ethereal goddess with intricate golden details, by Greg Rutkowski, Irina French, Dan Mumford, Bryan Hitch and Vincen, insanely detailed and intricate armor of light, beautiful face, beautiful light, photograph taken on Nikon D750, Intricate Elegant Scenic hyperrealistic, hyperdetailed, ethereal, iridescent,16k, by Artgerm, WLOP, tom bagshaw, magali villenueve, auroracore, vaporwave, mystical   Try it
highly detailed digital painting artstation concept art sharp focus smooth elegant fantasy illustration art by artgerm and greg rutkowski
Started from image:

Like that one a lot...
Anyone who did try new future can confirm: proper hand is unique :)