Everyone has a Guardian Angel - #DiversitySaturday #StopSuicide #MentalHealthAwareness

Everyone has a Guardian Angel - #DiversitySaturday #StopSuicide #MentalHealthAwareness
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Even if you think you are lonely, forgotten and abandoned, you are alone with your worries, needs and fears, and that the dark thoughts are getting the better of you, don't give up and don't do anything stupid! Because there are family members, friends and acquaintances out there, people who really mean something to you, and there are also many, many people who want to and can help you if you are mentally unwell, and that is what psychiatrists and psychologists, psychiatric clinics, telephone counseling services and the emergency services are there for. I believe that they will help you, take your problems, worries and needs seriously, listen and do everything in their power to get you back on your feet! So please don't give up and let someone help you!



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