Shiv-ie Vai

#goya #guitar #mughalart #ragamala

Prompt:  An aquatint of skeletal Lord Shiva (((fingerpicking))) plucking "acoustic" ((guitar)) performing ("American Primitive Guitar") recital thaat Bhairav cobras dancing jugalbandi concert "((Chandrakauns))" (datura innoxia) on Yamuna riverbanks (((Taj Mahal))) full moon background in the Chiaroscuro Los Caprichos Ragamala Mughal Romantic Art style of Goya, engraved ((CROWYOTE)) title, drypoint sanskrit inksmeared stained border, scraffito "((Raag & Bone))" -(PBN)- signature   Try it
Started from image:

Gotta stop smoking that devil weed when I'm tripping down the Yamuna . .