Sole Warrior 2.27.24

Sole Warrior 2.27.24

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Captivating fusion of architecture, fashion, kinetic art, graphic art, Dada art, assemblage art, fiber optics, multi pattern patchworks; gorgeous female whose depiction includes full head & entire body, including arms & legs all depicted on the screen, subject has symmetrical chiseled & feminine facial feature, subject is dynamically poised & poised in visionary micro fiber optic tech glam, fashion; mesmerizing dynamic flowing luminescent algorithmic code, mathematical art & textile patchwork by Nelson Saiers, Hamid Naderi Yeganeh, Paul Klee, Christo & jean Jacques, & francis picabia & santiago calatrava which is integrated with aboriginal dot art & fiber optic semi-luminescent aboriginal pygmie textile patchwork by Enki Bilal, Paul Cadden, Man Ray, Hans Hartung, Joan Miró, Christian Marclay, Peju Alatise, Architectural & cyber structural assemblage art & embellishments by Loui Jover, Artgerm, Santiago Calatrava, Man Ray & Paul Klee, hyper graphic background fuses with textiles for tremendous illusion & morphing effects, subject’s outline fades into background, mesmerizingly intriguing, perfect composition, silver & gray decorative layered stenciling, subject's eyes are depicted as opened, overall image is internally decorative, perfect body coordination, , cohesive resonating aesthetics, Color palette is rich deep sensuous jewel toned colors, black, silver, grays, chrome & graphite 32K, UHD, HDR,, Hyper-realistic eyes, Try (12)
highly detailed 8k photorealistic sensuality crisp quality Unreal Engine cinematic postprocessing no text Mixed Media Paul Klee Ultra realistic water colour Surrealism Victor Vasarely Francis Bacon Volumetric lighting rule of thirds great depth and scale Rafal Olbinski Semi-Abstract Igor Morski accurate and proportional human anatomy Golden Ratio Facial Proportion visual impact enhanced color vibrancy vibrant multidimensional colors Exaggerated detailed expressive eyes insane precision graphically diverse textures Detailed architectural elements Novelty architecture enhanced expressiveness one screen no frame, no border perfectly resonated aesthetics sexy with hint of eroticism 3D effects & extrusion Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery gorgeous smooth dewy complexion voguestyle calm sinuousness clean crisp lines & linework & shapes & angles precise Gelsculpt full head & body including arms & legs are depicted on the screen subject's eyes are depicted as opened sublime designs perfect body coordination & accurate body kinetics & positioning aesthetically beautiful female face symmetrical & chiseled facial features Unity Render Texture Zbrush & Blender Marie Kuyken Color palette is rich jewel toned colors, black, silver, grays, chrome & graphite

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Thanks to Sylverdali for the inspo & elevating the aesthetic standard of dreams overall. Sylverdali’s masterpiece ‘

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