Lemon alien city

Prompt:  Giant humanoid lemon pie monster attack the city center, extremeley detailed and intricate, beautiful, hdr, ultra detailed, high defintion, acrylic art, by Jacek Yerka, Peter Gric and Hundertwasser, crisp quality, fantasy masterpiece, steampunk, fantastic view, RHADS, Jacek Yerka, acrylic, art nature, Epic, 64K, Fantastic volumetric light, Daniel Merriam x naoto hattori x Kevin Sloan x Catrin Welz-Stein Earnst x Haeckel, ultra high quality model, blended gradients, graphic lines, Elaborated, impressionist, oil paintings, Exquisite Composition, Iwona Lifsches x Catherina Abel patchwork, detailed-line-art ink.   Try it


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