Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Mame did a dance called the hoochy-coo That's the thing that slew McGrew Put the blame on Mame, boys, Put the blame on Mame guilt... it's not in these stars, it's inside us. 3D optical illusion. Immortalize a portrait rendered in stone texture, showcasing the red-haired beauty in a wide-brimmed hat strewn with flowers, her realistic dreamy eyes, detailed and clear, sparkling under long, seductive eyelashes. Dressed in a silk sheer dress adorned with sparkling sequins, an Art Deco masterpiece from legendary artists including Wlop, Victo Ngai, Annigoni, Milo Manara, Botticelli, Catherine Welz-Stein, Jean Metzinger, Gustav Klimt. Perfect eyes, Perfect face, earrings, flowers, mixed media collage, textured, layered, assemblage inspired by Brian Viveros and Esao Andrews, kintsugi elements with gold and oxidized copper patina, background of tumbleweeds and stones, bridges and bonsai flecks delicate colors and sophisticated bokeh effects, foil relief, high detail, hyper detail. Watercolor and ink splashes, dynamic pose, high resolution, clear quality Try (5)


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