Cottage on the Lake, Glow of the City on Horizon

Prompt:  ((extremely detailed digital landscape art)) showing a cottage by a lake at night with a barely visible glow coming from a city in the distant background (masterpiece), (extremely intricate), fantasy, (perfect composition), (4k), high quality, best quality, , moody atmosphere, night, dark clouds, ((( stars in dark black sky ))), low highlights, low contrast, low saturation   Try it (19)
8k oil on canvas masterpiece hdr brush strokes Canvas texture midjourney ai Trending on Midjourney expressive brushstrokes reduce highlights reduce contrast reduce saturation
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Prompt: "(masterpiece), (extremely intricate), fantasy, (perfect composition:1.4), (4k), high quality, best quality,((detailed face)), ((extremely detailed digital art)) nice atmosphere, night, dark clouds, stars in the sky, shooting stars,"


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