Mulberry Bush

Prompt:  Tribal tattoo tree woodland animals with painted thin lines and for the DoF is a blurry variety of small nature details in the background, best zentangle, flowers, watercolour, architectural drawing, pen, dirty shades, acrylic painted celtic linkage and alla prima aquarelle, heavy ink, oil on canvas, dirty shades, vibrant patchwork of shiny petals and flowers, illuminated by a warm, golden light, beautiful sky, muted colours, soft diffused light, fantasy, fantastic view, crisp quality in a glowing environment exhibiting quantum duality as a sense of projective vector space eliciting autumnal magical ethereal nature; stunning, brilliant, award-winning, breathtaking, LSD, acid influence, desaturated neutral tones, dramatic impasto on burlap composition that breaks down the boundaries between an effective combination of concept, vision and mastery of medium   Try it (4)


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