Abstract of Green Heron

#abstract #actionpainting #drips #greenheron #movement #paintsplatter #smear

Prompt:  Have painting more closely resemble the shape of a green heron in flight using the same colors currently in the dream, reveal the beak and tuft of feathers on its head in more detail, More splatters, movement. Action painting, same colors   Try it
Evolution steps: (See in details)
Evolution started from:

Prompt: "Action painting, gestural abstraction, paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas, Swirls, whirls and drips in subdued shades of gray, blue and green, with pops of bright Oranges, Yellows, and turquoise smears"

Theresa Law

Green Heron, Abstract, paint splatter, drips, smear, action painting, movement


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