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Prompt:  An insanely hyperdetailed portrait painting of a group of cute adorable lovely foxes; apperance: the foxes are in dynamic poses, playing with each other in a beautiful wild forest environment; wild environment: a dense forest with a variety of trees, bushes, and wildflowers; Genres: wildlife art, fine art, contemporary art; Styles: realistic, impressionistic, expressionistic; Techniques: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting; Lights: soft lighting, natural light, dappled sunlight filtering through the trees; Colors: earth tones, warm colors, autumnal colors; Descriptive terms: playful, lively, energetic, joyous, captivating; masterpiece digital artwork by Artists: Anna Dittmann, Jai Johnson, Danielle Richard, Dasha Pliska, and Robert Oxley; 3Delight, Unity 3D, 3D shading, Unreal Engine 5, 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution.   Try it
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