Prompt:  In the heart of a desolate, storm-ravaged wasteland, Tempest, a dark, brooding figure, stood defiantly against the howling winds and torrential rain. His body was composed of jagged, metallic plates, shifting and grinding together like tectonic plates, emitting sparks and the sound of tearing metal. A chaotic tangle of blackened cables and wires sprawled across his form, crackling with volatile, untamed energy. His powerful, armored limbs ended in sharp, claw-like digits, each one capable of exerting immense force and destruction. Tempest's torso housed an unstable, crackling vortex of dark energy, a volatile and unpredictable force that fueled his existence. His face was a cold, menacing mask of twisted metal, with eyes that burned like the embers of a dying star, reflecting his insatiable hunger for power and control. As Tempest moved, his imposing form cut through the storm like a vengeful titan, leaving a trail of chaos and devastation in his wake. He seemed to thrive in the midst of turmoil and destruction, his presence amplifying the fury of the storm, a testament to his relentless, destructive nature and his desire to conquer and dominate all in his path.   Try it
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