#animal #beautiful #octopus #underwater

Prompt:  A highly detailed and whimsical painting of a group of cute, adorable, lovely, playful, and intelligent baby Flapjack Octopuses playing in a specified wild environment. The baby Flapjack Octopuses have soft and fluffy texture, with rosy cheeks, big round eyes in shades of blue, and small playful tentacles. They are playing in a mystical underwater forest, surrounded by colorful coral reefs, seaweeds, and schools of fish. The background is a beautiful blend of blue and green, with rays of light shining through the water, creating a magical atmosphere. Genres: Surrealism, Fantasy, Children's Book Illustration Styles: Whimsical, Playful, Dreamy Techniques: Watercolor, Acrylic, Digital Painting Light Settings: Soft, Dreamy, Shimmering Colors: Pastel, Aquamarine, Peach, Lavender, Coral Descriptive terms: Adorable, Whimsical, Dreamy, Magical, Playful Artists: BRIAN FITCH, KEN TAYLOR, KATIE STOKES, JUAN ORTIZ, LINDSEY KUHN 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution   Try it