beautiful jellyfish

#beautiful #jellyfish #underwater

Prompt:  An intricately detailed portrait painting of a cute, adorable, lovely crystal Jellyfish made of water; appearance: transparent, ethereal, and delicate; wild environment: a dark, mystical underwater world with bioluminescent plants and creatures; Genres: surrealism, fantasy, digital art; Styles: hyperrealism, photorealism, abstract; Techniques: digital painting, watercolor, mixed media; Lights: dramatic, moody, luminescent; Colors: iridescent blues, purples, and greens; Descriptive terms: mystical, otherworldly, magical, hypnotic, mesmerizing. Masterpiece digital artwork by artists: Rik Oostenbroek, Anna Dittmann, Alberto Seveso, James Jean, and Yellena James. 3Delight, Unity 3D, 3D shading, Unreal Engine 5, 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution.   Try it

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