A Place Called Zen

Prompt:  ,A Place Called Zen, Add sublime, detailed sunset, spectacular lotuses floating in water, increase size & prominence & details of trees & flowers, add ripples to water, enhance overall clarity, & enhance the details exponentially, enhance Zen vibe, enhance vibrance of colors & ensure they are complementary & cohesive, calming, breathe, spiritual, sacred, tranquil, insanely detailed, insanely realistic, insanely Zen by andrei riabovitchev & Sergio Cerchi, hints of Tomoyo Ihaya & Dali, subtle infusion of Buddhism symbology,   Try it
Nikon D850 sharp focus elegant Award winning photography cinematic lighting sensuality beautiful dynamic lighting award winning fantastic view ultra detailed crisp quality colourful hdr cinematic Van Gogh focused stunning color depth reflective lighting Perfectionism visually breathtaking ultra-realism precision Fluidity extra negative space between top of subject & top edge of painting Ronnie Genotti
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Prompt: "Zen calming, cohesive,"