"Look at this huge anaconda we have caught!"

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  A painting by Rembrandt van Rijn, john william waterhouse and claude monet of a serpent lurking in the depths of a swamp surprising a group of adventurers including a beautiful female irish princess and her male Viking warriors exploring the ruins of a lost temple, in a dense jungle area, with great difficulties, as depicted by dramatic & dynamic poses. Surreal creativity and supernatural power, magical, masterpiece, sensual, a magic portal into a medieval world, wood and metal rusty style, multi-point perspective, amazing scale, Unbelievable watercolor speedpaint by David LaChapelle, by Clint Clearley, by Filipe Pagliuso, by Alexander Jansson and Johnson Tsang, speedpaint, paint drips, strokes, dripping, by Android Jones, hyperdetailed, decent colors, impasto hypertextured, dripping paint strokes, perfect composition, Art of Illusion 3D shading, hyperdetailed, ZBrush, cel-shaded, golden ratio, surreal creativity and supernatural power.   Try it
Nikon D850 extremely detailed fantasy intricate oil on canvas cinematic lighting photorealistic fantastic view crisp quality Unreal Engine very cute
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