The Witch


Prompt:  Beautiful dark witch of magic sexy insanely detailed and intricate black flowing lace hair and pearl dress with wild wiry face, black and ruby roses mysterious cyber nightmarish eldritch magic spells, highly intricate hyperrealism, delicately detailed complex, vibrant colors, red roses by Tom Bagshaw, Asher Brown Durand, Beeple, Todd McFarlane, Ralph Steadman, Anna Dittmann, Dan Mumford, Magali Villeneuve, and many more. Halloween witch is a terrifying figure of evil magic and dark power.   Try it
highly detailed digital painting smooth ultra reallistic extremely detailed fantasy intricate 8k oil on canvas photorealistic sensuality very attractive beautiful high detail award winning hyperrealistic 4K 3D high definition crisp quality Unreal Engine hdr Michelangelo Picasso Makoto shinkai Van Gogh acrylic art Edward Hopper Thomas Kinkade Andreas Rocha
William Braddock

Halloween Witch