Colorful surreal artwork: Organic shapes in pink, blue, and purple



Model: Stable
Prompt:  Intestines, heart, pancreas, stomach, lungs and other internal organs spilling out of a seashell ostentatiously. hyperdetailed defined oil painting, vibrant colors, 8K resolution, polished divine photorealistic intricate complex HDR, glow, fog, dreamy. by Tom Bagshaw, Asher Brown Durand, Ralph Steadman, Anna Dittmann, Dan Mumford, Magali Villeneuve, Ivan Shishkin,Victo Ngai, Cyril Rolando,Michal Karcz,Anato Finnstark,Flavio Greco Paglia. Try
soft diffused light dynamic lighting shimmering glowing twilight intricate details tafoni
Started from image:

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