chickens and roosters


Prompt:  An insanely hyperdetailed whimsical fantasical intricate detailed painting of a group of chickens and roosters; Appearance: The chickens and roosters are depicted in dynamic poses, each with unique features and feathers that are highly detailed and intricate. Wild environment: The painting depicts a beautiful and lush countryside, with rolling hills, tall grass, and a bright blue sky. Genres: Fantasy, animal painting. Styles: Whimsical, detailed. Techniques: Hyperrealistic painting, digital art. Lights: The bright sunlight creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the painting, casting long shadows and illuminating the feathers of the birds. Colors: The colors are vibrant and playful, with shades of green, yellow, and red dominating the landscape. Descriptive terms: Playful, charming, detailed, whimsical, hyperrealistic. Masterpiece digital artwork by artists: Vladimir Stankovic, Kathleen Carrillo, Karen Davis, Tran Nguyen, Alina-Oana Nicolae. 3Delight, Unity 3D, 3D shading, Unreal Engine 5, 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution.   Try it

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