Lovely Rita, Meter-Maid.

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  Lovely Rita, meter maid by Sergio Cerchi, Erin Hanson, Paul Signac, Maurice de Vlaminck, Henk Bremmer, John Russell, Alexander Calder, Paul Delvaux, James Gilleard, Anna Ostoya, Carne Griffiths, detailed within fluid tulle cross-hatched over a portion of her face. sharp focus elegant dof 8k dynamic lighting hdr Zdzisław Beksiński Jacek Yerka dramatic pencil sketch Gediminas Pranckevicius no text insanely detailed Francis Bacon film noir rule of thirds great depth and scale graceful Engraving Exquisite melancholy reflective lighting insanely intricate fractal pencil drawing Fluidity Detailed facial expression of despair Golden Ratio Facial Proportion fine line art Josef kote Michał Sawtyruk diaphanous symmetrical wide-set eyes extremely realistic detailed attractive eyes filled with tears incredible artistry with realism deepen anguished expression and furrowed brow highly detailed, digital painting, abstract, surreal, Wassily, Kandinsky, Jean-Baptiste Monge Exaggerated detailed expressive eyes very poignant insanely detailed texture exceptionally creative masterful artistry clea Try


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