Oasis Garden

Prompt:  A blazing oasis of harmony and order embraces the lush tropics, where the warm air caresses everything it touches, as if trying to tenderly wrap around layers of clothing and exposed skin. A joyful dance unfolds across the vast green expanse, a rolling landscape of grass and flowers. Bicycles glide through the verdant meadows, their wheels humming like a group of gentle butterflies, scattering petals in their path. Each machine is steered by a gentle figure, their eyes wide and relaxed, their breaths invisible as they blend with the balmy air. Their destination: a carriage led by a relaxed team of horses, their bodies at ease, muscles flowing beneath sleek coats, their hearts beating in harmony as they stroll with a tranquility born of trust and serenity. The carriage's occupants, dressed in silk and linen, are a mix of delight and contentment. Their faces are a blend of awe and relaxation, endorphins coursing through their veins as they lean against the carriage's cushioned frame, their hands resting on their laps.   Try it


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