Sun cat


Model: Artistic 2
Prompt:  Persian cat made of Insanely detailed hyperrealistic fantasy whimsical painting of lush beautiful Delphinium flowers in a fantasy garden; appearance: tall stalks with spiky blue petals, surrounded by lush green leaves and vines; environment: a sun-dappled enchanted forest, with a babbling brook in the background and glittering fireflies all around; Genres: Surrealism, Fantasy; Styles: Hyperrealistic, Whimsical; Techniques: airbrush, oil painting, glazing; Lights: soft, golden sunlight filtering through the leaves; Colors: rich blues, emerald greens, golden yellows; Descriptive terms: serene, magical, mystical, peaceful, ethereal; by Artists: David Ho, Mark Ryden, Krent Able, Michael Kutsche, Matthew Cherry; 8K 3D, CGSociety, trending on Artstation, 8K resolution, unreal engine 5 Try (10)
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