11th Sign: Age of Aquarius

11th Sign: Age of Aquarius
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A surreal artwork featuring a moon face amid planets, astrology symbols, with humans navigating a wavy sea and classical architecture.
Prompt is based on the opening lines of Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, done by musicians,the 5th Dimension in the movie " Hair" 1969
On August 14, at 14:45 GMT (10:45 a.m. ET), reddish Mars (mag 0.8) will pass just 0°18' from bright Jupiter (mag -2.2). This beautiful duo will be visible to the naked eye in the constellation Taurus.
There will be 12 full moons this year, the eighth will occur on August 19th, in the constellation of Aquarius. The Jupiter and Mars alignment occurs during the period after the seventh full moon but before the eigth...when the moon is in the seventh house...ahhh well it's just a song right?


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