Prompt:  beautiful marine salt pans with stores of white salt and traditional salt workers.. Jean-Baptiste Monge style, surreal, a masterpiece, razor-sharp focus, dynamic lighting, watercolor and ink, digital painting, fantasy masterpiece, steampunk, fantastic view, RHADS, Jacek Yerka, acrylic, art nature, Epic, 64K, Fantastic volumetric light, Daniel Merriam x naoto hattori x Kevin Sloan x Catrin Welz-Stein Earnst x Haeckel, ultra high quality model, blended gradients, graphic lines, Elaborated, impressionist, oil paintings, Exquisite Composition, Iwona Lifsches x Catherina Abel patchwork, detailed-line-art ink.   Try it
concept art extremely detailed psychedelic 8k beautiful high detail high definition colourful matte background colorful dramatic lighting fine art reflections whimsical pareidolia Daniel Merriam Kevin Sloan Catrin Welz-Stein Yacek Yerka National Geographic photography Romantic Impressionism Fantasy illustration Romantic realism


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