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Generating a compute unit

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How it works?
While you are on this page we will use a portion of your CPU time to make some computations. We will use this process to generate some funds which will be used to update our capacity for processing images.

What is "Droin"?
Droins (aka Dream Coins) serve to meassure the contribution of each user.

What is "Compute unit"?
It is a certain amount of calculations we need to do while you are on this page. Once you generate one compute unit we will convert that cumpute energy to Droins and will credit those to your account.
*The time to create one will vary between different devices and CPUs.

What is "h/s"?
This is the operations your device is doing per second.

*Note: We do not recommend using this on a mobile device which is not connected to a charger. It may drain your battery faster.

Thank you!