All the pics I edit were taken by me :)
Do you know whats makes you weak? You wanting to prove that you...
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enjoing life to the most, highschool teacher of arts and expressi...
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Most of these deep dreams are brought to life using EbSynth and A...
oh man, what was on those?
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My art is an outward expression of an inner journey; A quest to...
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The hardest part is finding the right combination of photos and a...
I am the Great I Am.
I person who like doing the best
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The people who applaud other people's victories, are people who h...
Les pieds sur terre, la tête dans les étoiles.
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Profile cover art made in Artbreeder. Faces depicted are AI const...
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A picture is worth a thousand words ... a look - a picture. The c...
DEEP DREAMER! Much love to all of you, whoever likes my things. N...