Self taught artist. Female, 32. From Chilean Patagonia (very clos...
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Experimenting with computer graphics / digital arts.
Artist , drawing and painting
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when people see me they cant stop staring
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Found dreamdeeply in 2017 /18 and have been merging paintings eve...
My escape bits and bytes of creativity as time allows ... .......
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Cats. And more cats. Occasionally something else but mostly cat...
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Textile artist using filters made from my quilts and other textil...
Playing a game with AI
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Never wake up a Dreamer
Used to be a photographer but lost my way and became a dreamer
Dreams become reality. Dreamers become gods.
addicted to art
Fractal artist on Please do not use my Deviantart...
Visual Artist and photographer, with a BFA in Painting and a MFA...
if you believe then your strong
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life is a dual manifestation of light and shadow. and art cannot...