That Time Cecily Got Sucked Up By A Cult

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Tricia Martin

This is a painting I did for a friend. She had Epilepsy & was prone to seizures. She'd recently been dating a religious zealot guy & when she had a seizure one day, he thought she was possessed. Instead of calling 911, he called his "church" group to come help hold her down & throw holy water on her.

When I called 911, they refused to let the EMTs near her to take her to the hospital. After all of this, her eyes changed somehow. Cecily was no longer Cecily. She was gone. Here eyes were empty.

A few days after those cult people took her away (leaving everything in her apartment), I found my painting almost all the way burned up & thrown in the trash. I haven't heard from Cecily since. This was 10 years ago.

Style was made from one introduced by Wombat which I altered in Photoshop, combined with one of my dreams, this painting & a photo of our Bandit kitty.