"We made Oklahoma a little after 3"

#art #dream #robertearlkeen #symbolism


A restless allergy medicine fueled dream about a
... a trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
In the background music plays and
... a trip flashback/nightmare begins: :)
* Hear: "Shades of Gray", Youtube: https://youtu.be/6NMd0Osq0nU

"... We made Oklahoma a little after 3
We were so messed up we didn't know
... If we were drunk or stoned
Randy was a sad-sack, tall kinda frail
... Bob was a raving maniac, crazy in the head
I don't know what possessed me
... To want to tag along
Cause I was raised a Christian
... And I knew right from wrong

Right or wrong, black or white
... Cross the line, you're gonna pay
In the dawn before the light
... Live and die by the shades of gray"
* Hear it: Youtube: https://youtu.be/6NMd0Osq0nU

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