Photo of Marilyn Manson

Photo of Marilyn Manson
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Be Human - step up against the bullying of Marilyn Manson.

People who boycott him probably consider themselves progressive.

He is alive, he breathes and his heart beats.

Do they know that he may be in great pain right now from these attacks and insults? That bullying can be very bad for a person's health? That some people can't stand being bullied and kill themselves?

They know. But they don't care. They release their evil on a person and consider it freedom.

But real freedom goes along with the understanding of human rights, which are now being violated by this bullying.

Cancelling is Stoning. This is savagery!

The artist has the right to live!

Now to speak up in his defense is the act of a truly good person.

#cancelingisbullying #cancelcancelculture
#IsupportMarilynManson #istandwithMarilynManson #istandwithManson


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