Ocean of Tears

#ancestry #dna #et #extraterrestrial #homosapien

Shaun Lawton

Source image created in DALL*E with Outpainting beta; then uploaded to DDG with a personal style template (an old painting I did with watercolors on glossy photographic paper).

The watercolor palette was applied to the DALL*E Outpainting source image.

*In a certain sense, "illustration by AI, coloring by Shaun Lawton" if this were a panel in a comic book or graphic novel.
**Although I did manipulate the AI's illustration with my text prompt in DALL*E, so the illustration itself was done by Shaun Lawton & AI, with color palette by Shaun Lawton, and line distribution + color palette application done randomly by the AI algorithms.

I really love how this one came out, there's a lot to "unpack", visually & metaphorically (hence the title I came up with for it).