Wallflower  2.25.24

Wallflower 2.25.24

Model: DigitalDaVinci
Prompt:  artwork is comprised of graphite & charcoal & rich jewel toned colorful paint beautiful edgy woman is dynamically poised & poised in futuristic take on 1 9 5 0 s glam & punk, with mesmerizing dynamic flowing gown Sublime flowing textiles, some is diaphanous chiffon & some is designed floral patterns patchwork by flora bowley depiction includes entire head & body depicted on the screen precise multi designed artwork is comprised of graphite & charcoal & rich jewel toned colorful paint, each medium is visible & various techniques are visible, including line art, stacking, multiple, sublime intricate designs, depiction includes full head & upper body depicted on the screen, postmodern background of swirling motion art lines, subject’s outline fades into background, sublime embellishments, intricacies, wispy designs, stenciling, & loose hair strands in the wind, brush strokes & techniques, multiple textures cross-hatching , shading, stacking, Scribbling, contour lines, smudging, overlays, sgraffito, dry brushing, scumbling, impasto, frottage, collage etching rubbing stenciling, array of line art styles & stacked lines + parallel running lines, in styles of Dirk Dzimirsk, Harry Clarke, opening style of Richard Burlet, Henry Asencio, soft light, abstract background, mesmerizingly intriguing & unique hyper resolution 32K perfect composition, composition is roughly 50% pigmented paints & 50% graphite sketching & drawing, techniques, photorealistic funky patterns exquisite motifs, flowing hair & textiles, voguestyle elements, op art elements, mixed media, subject's eyes are depicted as opened with precise iris & whites of eyes visible with light reflection, overall image is internally decorative, perfect body coordination, perfectly resonating aesthetics, silver & gray decorative layered stenciling, etching & engraving Try (12)
oil on canvas sensuality Zdzisław Beksiński dramatic acrylic art pencil sketch no text Mixed Media Paul Klee insanely detailed water colour Volumetric lighting elaborate rule of thirds great depth and scale Exquisite Semi-Abstract accurate and proportional human anatomy insanely intricate Perfectionism visually breathtaking Fluidity aesthetically beautiful body form Golden Ratio Facial Proportion visual impact wide-set eyes, high cheek bones, symmetrical face enhanced color vibrancy diaphanous incredible artistry with realism detailed ultra realistic amazingly attractive wide-set symmetrical eyes super polished Layered intricacies textured pointillism insane precision insane depth exceptionally creative masterful artistry clean lines, clear & crisp graphically diverse textures Detailed architectural elements one screen very realistic detailed mostly gray some blue symmetrical eyes no frame, no border perfectly resonated aesthetics Gustave Doré Tingatinga sexy with hint of eroticism 3D effects & extrusion Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery sophisticated & chic gorgeous smooth dewy complexion voguestyle No closed eyes calm sinuousness clean crisp lines & linework & shapes & angles Exaggerated highly detailed realistic facial expressions subject's eyes are depicted as opened sublime designs bas relief & op art elements

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