The Journey:Something Better To Believe

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The Journey:Something Better To Believe

On "The Journey", he chanced upon this view, captured it,
and reduced it to art ... as it displayed ... music
begin playing ...
"Back when I was young, I set out on my own
... Walked the path 'til I could take no more steps
Young and full of dreams -- hopes & plans & schemes
... Crossing all the streams to reach the mountain
Westward to the sea, northbound to the sky
... I could fly -- soaring smooth, soaring high
As I looked for something better to believe"

Title and Lyrics Based On:
[] Cite: “Something Better to Believe.”, Accessed 16 Apr. 2021.
[] Jay Linden:Wordsmith:
[] Worth a listen IMO: Youtube:

Artwork Style: Post Impressionism, Symbolism

Genre: landscape

DDG Style: Cite: Public Domain

Something Better To Believe: This image is a total software creation ... no person involved but me :) Created from software produced images adapted and created and then hand blended. So this place "doesn't exist" but to me it is more believable than ... some things presented as true ... that I hear,see, evaluate and judge on media everyday. So, just like the old Impressionists of France ... I am escaping to pretty pictures ... as "Something Better To Believe".

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Tags: postimpressionism, art, landscape

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