"Sedona With Cacti" version 5

#arizona #artcreatedfrommyphotos #cacti #photoart #photomanipulation #redrock #sedona

C.J. ProArtz

My base image is my photo taken in Sedona Arizona, featuring the red rock formation in the background and cacti in the foreground.

My base image is a painterly version of my landscape photo taken near my home. The fields were mostly yellow and orange, with only a bit of green, so I added a little more green to it. After this result was generated, I downloaded this image and, in Photoshop, upped the contrast and used the dodge took to lighten the spines on the cacti. My enhanced version is an improvement over this one.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the images I have made public are created from my own photography and/or digital or hand-made art.


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