My First Time In New Skin

My First Time In New Skin
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Some of you know I've been learning to tattoo. Yesterday I gave my husband a tattoo outline- my first time tattooing in skin other than my own. I was soooo nervous! Haha!

He wanted a plague doctor drawn in my style, so I drew a few different versions until he was happy with it. This is what he settled on. When plague dude heals up, I'll go back in to shade and color him.

Just to be clear, I'm using good gear and ink and am keeping everything as sterile as possible. I also don't plan on ever working in a shop or tattooing strangers. Friends, family and dolls only. Yes- I've been tattooing dollies too. Fun!

I made this style by using different images of tattoos done by my favorite tattoo artist Kelly Doty. You can find her amazing work @kellydotylovessoup on instagram. She inspires me to get as good as she is. She's fantastic!


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