Beginning Middle End Dream

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In his dream her face is radiant
... and the words she spoke yesterday
are set to music softly playing:

"Sometimes, you get what you've always been wishing for
... And most times, it's not on your deadline, but that's alright
I was worn out and jaded from trying on people to love
... But you fit so well
When they ask why, I can never explain
... But a symphony played when you told me your name
And I took that as a sign
... Will you be my beginning, my middle, my end?"

Title Idea:Subtitle:Lyrics:Youtube:"Beginning Middle End"- Leah Nobel,
... Youtube:
... Cite: “Beginning Middle End – Leah Nobel (from Netflix’s ‘to All the Boys: Always and Forever’) Lyric Video.”, Accessed 25 Apr. 2021.

Artwork Style: Expressionism

Genre: portrait

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Tags: expressionism, portrait, art,

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