Washed Ashore an Alien Beach

Washed Ashore an Alien Beach

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Languishing in Lavendar, captivatingly detailed surreal vibrantly colored painting of a beautiful disheveled exhausted 1920s gaunt young woman lying on top of an exquisite huge petal that is part of a sublime mammoth-sized multi-petaled glorious flower amid a fantastical garden, woman & petal & flower are incredibly detailed, magnificently loaded with delicate intricacies, petal edges curl up in a protective manner, large dew drops, silky velvety texture, delicately etched flower veins, Woman has accurate anatomy, wide-set opened eyes, high cheekbones, ruby-red lips, thin body & appears to have escaped a peril that wrought her undeniable beauty & style to a ragged, torn & bruised state that is regulating to peace, surreal impactful vibe that brilliantly portrays the following: exhaustion at a cellular level, every emotion on the cusp of a transformational healing, visual representation of synchronicity at the exact moment renewal begins, detritus is being transformed, Gorgeous colors, spiritual but not hokey, cascading, meandering & mesmerizing motifs, that add to overall beauty & depth, tranquil gloriously blooming stunning suspended landscape, very crisp clear quality, photorealistic in the styles of Daniel F. Gerhartz Tamara de Lempicka Gail Potocki Flora Bowley Taras Loboda Dee Nickerson & Tom Bagshaw Georgia O'Keeffe Hans Hartung Paul Klee perfectly symmetrical face Hyper quality high res ALL fOCUS color palette: {Lavender, crimson, Indigo-Blue, burnt-orange, Deep purple, Dark-Xanadu-Green, magenta & peach} Unstructured Maximalism, Novelty architecture, internally decorative, Hyper-Structured Minimalism, perfect body coordination, perfectly flowing emotion, perfectly resonated aesthetics Try (2)
elegant dof ultra reallistic intricate cinematic lighting photorealistic sensuality beautiful high detail award winning fantastic view ultra detailed high definition crisp quality Unreal Engine colourful cinematic postprocessing VRay focused Francis Bacon film noir cinematic masterpiece great depth and scale accurate and proportional human anatomy aesthetically perfect facial structure detailed ultra realistic amazingly attractive eyes Golden Ratio Facial Proportion Perfect facial symmetry with high cheek bones, and full lips Gustave Doré Subject’s symmetrical eyes are depicted as opened & irises & whites of eyes are visible Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors gorgeous smooth dewy complexion full head & body including arms & legs are depicted on the screen

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