Six Story Cyborg

Six Story Cyborg
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More about Six Story Cyborg

This digital design originated as micro clay sculptures many years ago has this design and all others like it have been edited and re-edited for over a decade. This is how the unique and surreal/psychedelic imagery in the designs was made possible. With each passing day, the designs evolve and change to look even better than the previous year.

A wildly original detailed example of one of my visual designs, that will look striking, will turn heads and might receive compliments and more. By viewing this work, it will envelop you in positive energy and leave you feeling wonderful.

Here is a stunning and detailed example of a design that will turn heads because of the design's welcoming nature and completely original look.

This design could spruce up any space and could become a conversation piece. This may improve your way of life by being captivated by the designs intricate and elaborate works of pure Psychedelia and Surrealism (further known to me as Psyrealism (c)).

Over the years I've created a "Psyrealism Designs' Archive" (The PDA) and have amassed over 41,000 designs thus far since 2010, so I will always have something special to post.


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