Rise from Rubble

Rise from Rubble

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  powerful portrait of three Ukrainian young girls. amidst war-torn rubble“ that is depicted in black white gray shades, the girls, however are depicted with pigmented colors standing proud - multiple shades of blues, yellows, are included; sunflowers are also color pops amidst the devastation symbolizing indomitable spirits , Ukrainian Textile Patchwork By Enki Bilal & Paul Klee & Jennifer Lommers & Hans Hartung & Meghan Duncanson & Mark Rothko & Dee Nickerson & Victor Brauner & Didier Lourenço, 3d aspects evolution devolution, include aboriginal textile patchwork, architectural digital rendering, multi-media, op art elements ∞ Try (19)
Colorful Oil On Rainy Night Canvas Unstructured Maximalism Novelty architecture internally decorative Crepuscular Luminosity Hyper-Structured Minimalism show objects in great details and accuracy Legit emotional reactions perfect body coordination perfectly flowing emotions perfectly resonated aesthetics actual realistic image of motion

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