Watchers in the Woods

#deepdream #eyes #otherworldly #spells #surrealism #transformation #watchers #witchcraft #woods

Wm Todd

A Deep Dream of a 10" x 10" Acrylic Pour painting I recently did. Most acrylic pours are completely random therefore abstract, this one was an attempt to control the pour to achieve a result. I was going for something in between representational and abstract....and yes, that is a wide chasm, lol. The result ended up looking like five individuals in the woods, white flames representing some sort of transformations, something otherworldly or supernatural. Oh....the acrylic paint was a combination of glow-in-the-dark and traditional pigments. The very first deep dreaming of the painting gives it a crazy candy/toystore effect.

Edit- I changed the name from Witchcraft in the Woods to a less pigeonholing "Watchers in the Woods".... Now it could be anything from Alien to Witchy to Surrealist and not locking the thing down to one descriptor.


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